Kitchen Remodeling Decision: Big Box Store? Be Your Own Contractor? Work with A Professional Remodeler?

Often when a family decides to remodel or update their kitchen, they are not sure how to go about making this happen. Many will head to a “big box” store or home supply outlet thinking the prices will be best and it will be easier to purchase all of the necessary items in one place.

Another option is to act as your own GC which means YOU have to measure up the kitchen, handle the demolition, dispose of old cabinets, appliances & tile, purchase the new ones, hire the plumber, electrician and tile people. The problem with this is if there are any errors along the way, to whom will you turn to help fix the problem(s) and make things right? How do you know you are getting the best prices and workmanship? You are on your own!

We think the best choice is to work with a professional kitchen specialist, one with experience remodeling kitchens from beginning to end and who will be responsible for every aspect of your project.

So how do you decide which is the best choice for your project? For four generations our family has been successfully helping other families in northern NJ redesign and remodel their kitchens and we have found that there are several important considerations when you start a remodeling project: Cost • Quality • Convenience • Expertise.

After dealing with hundreds of families since 1929, we can honestly tell you that trying to do this on your own or working with a big box store is going to:

  • Cost you more money in the long run
  • Be incredibly inconvenient and time consuming
  • Very possibly not get you the final result that you had hoped for
  • Not give you the ongoing service and support you might need after the kitchen is completed

People think that a box store has the advantage because there are so many choices and so many people working there that someone will always be around to discuss the project. But that’s exactly the problem. Who will be your direct contact on your project? If you need help on a Monday you will speak to a different person than on a Friday. Which of the many employees will be responsible for your project to make sure that everything goes smoothly and every detail is taken care of? And who will be responsible if something should go wrong or a delivery is late or incorrect? What happens when the person who started the project with you leaves or gets transferred to a different location? You have very little recourse.

At USKB you will have one direct contact to handle your project from start to finish. One of our professional and experienced kitchen designers will oversee EVERYTHING from the outset and see it through until the very last detail is completed. Your time will be respected and valued, and our designers will make sure to schedule meetings on your time schedule. You will have our undivided attention throughout the process.

Cost is another big part of the decision when considering a remodel. The theory we often hear is that “The local professional remodeling company will surely be way too expensive for us”. That is a long-standing fallacy and here’s why. Most remodelers offer a variety of choices. At USKB we have ten lines of cabinetry from different manufacturers so that we can satisfy the tastes and budgets of almost every family.

By choosing a professional who has your best interest at heart you will save you money by having the best choices recommended for your kitchen at the outset.  And despite the belief that a family owned business will probably require most of the payment for the project up front, we offer a financing option for those that qualify enabling you to choose the kitchen you love and deserve without worrying about laying out all of the money up front. 

Big box stores may lure a customer in with a “Sale” or “Lowest prices”, but once the contract is signed, customers often find out there are hidden “extras” they didn’t account for. Plus, the sales staff is trained to talk customers into “buying more, to save more” and not necessarily selling what’s best for the customer.

Quality of products is another reason to work with a professional remodeler. At USKB we stand behind every one of our manufacturers. A large box store may not have your best interest at heart – they will sell you what they can and if a few folks don’t like their kitchen at the end… “oh well”!  We want your new kitchen to last for many years so we make sure the quality of anything we sell you is the best your budget will allow. We want to know that you are thrilled with your new kitchen so that you will tell family, friends, neighbors what a great job we did! After all our reputation depends on customers being happy with the end result.

Lastly is the expertise…the most important piece of the puzzle. When you work with a private professional remodeler you are assured that you will be working with a well-trained, full-time, experienced career designer. At a big box store you could be working with someone that just got hired, never remodeled a kitchen, doesn’t really know the software well and may be gone before your project is even underway.

At USKB the designer will visit your home for the measure up and review the space in person. He/She may notice other possibilities in your home that could help us recommend an option to make your project even better and save you some money. We discuss all the details with our clients at the outset, and our designers will visit the home several times throughout the remodeling process to make sure that the installers are doing the job correctly and that you are happy with everything.

Here’s the wrap-up: working with a professional remodeler enables you to have creative design, quality products, cost effective options and convenience so your is project done on time and on budget with every detail covered.

We offer over 90 years of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION & KITCHEN REMODELING EXPERIENCE! Give us a call to discuss your next kitchen or bath project.