Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

We suggest you follow our logical order to make things easy

Below is what we have found to be a logical order of events when planning a kitchen remodel. First and foremost, you need to think about how you currently use your kitchen and if that is going to change. Click here to review our Kitchen Questionnaire. Your answers to these questions will help you guide us before we begin your kitchen design and remodeling.


We offer cabinet lines from nine different well-known manufacturers with a wide range of prices and we have accessories from a myriad of other companies. In most cases we can find a solution that meets your budget and style preference.

Appliances & Plumbing

So much of our design and remodel work revolves around the kitchen appliances that we would like you to provide us with an idea of the appliances you want in your new kitchen. Keep in mind that this will also impact the plumbing.

  • Makes and models of your appliances, sink and faucet. Provide those if you can, or a general description of what you are considering. If you can’t provide the makes or models, give us a general description of the items that you are considering.

  • Cooking Surface – Spend a little time reviewing appliances, sinks and faucets you might like

Your Style or "The Look"

We want your new kitchen to be exactly as you imagine it (or as close as possible!)

We suggest that you gather some photos of ideas that you like and bring them with you when you visit us. Great sources can be found in both print and online design magazines, friends’ and family’s homes, kitchen and designer websites such as, and to name a few.

  • Show us some cabinet door styles, wood types and finishes that you like
  • Give us some ideas of the overall look and general design style you prefer – we want to “see” your vision and help you achieve it
  • View our manufacturers’ websites, as well as our Portfolio and Style section below

Cabinet Selection

We offer cabinetry from nine outstanding manufacturers and we will be assisting you in your selection of a cabinet line. A few factors for consideration:

  • Do you prefer cabinets made of furniture board or plywood end panels?
  • What is your choice of drawer glides — side mount or under mount? Do you want self-closing or soft-closing? 
  • Do you prefer a framed product or a full access cabinet? 
  • Your budget, of course, will factor into our choice for the best cabinet line for your kitchen remodel


In today’s housing market, we see a variety of ceiling heights and framing… 8-foot (96”) or 9-foot (108”) ceilings, cathedral ceilings and shed ceilings predominate. Be aware of the following:

  • What is your ceiling height?
  • Is it flat, cathedral or shed?
  • At what height would you prefer your new cabinetry?

If you’re not sure what’s best for your room or which layout you prefer, you have our designers to help you figure it out.


Proper lighting is critical to the overall, ultimate attractiveness and use of your room and while you don’t have to choose lighting at the very outset of the remodel project, you should be thinking about it during this initial design stage.

Oftentimes we suggest that you consider having some lighting in the ceiling such as high hats, as well as under cabinet lighting to illuminate work areas. Pendant lights and chandeliers are other choices to consider depending on the style, configuration and size of the kitchen layout.

Backsplash, Countertop and Flooring

  • Finally think about the material you would like for your countertops – how will you use your counter?

    • Engineered quartz, marble or granite are a few popular choices today

  • Your backsplash is seen as part of the overall design of the room.

    • There are many new materials that are available now for a backsplash that can be a striking focal point in your kitchen

  • Lastly, but definitely not least, consider your floors

    • Is your kitchen used by the whole family, or are you an empty-nest couple?

    • Is easy maintenance important?

    • Do you prefer a more contemporary look such as tile or a more traditional choice such as wood?