When Is It The Best Time To Remodel Your Kitchen?

For years this has been an age-old question asked by many couples and homeowners. There are no clear answers except for most people want their new kitchen installed in time for the winter or spring holiday seasons, when most people celebrate with family and friends.

Now that the country is seeing the Covid-19 Pandemic almost in its rear view mirror, it seems that our kitchens have had more use than ever before and families are realizing that remodeling of the kitchens is now more of a necessity than it is a luxury.

With the weather turning warmer and grilling being a very popular cooking option, this is a great time to start shopping and planning for your new kitchen. Although factories producing cabinetry have been backlogged over the past few months, this is the time to order your cabinets so that you can have your kitchen installed by mid-late summer. While the weather is warm and the outdoors are inviting, demolition can take place while you enjoy dining on your deck or in your backyard.

Normally it takes 10-12 weeks from date of order for semi-custom and custom cabinetry to be delivered and that certainly seems to be the case these days. While you are waiting for your cabinets to arrive, there is a lot of other planning to do and decisions to make. Here are a few to consider:

  • Are you getting all new appliances?
  • If yes, have you made a decision on which manufacturer you are going with and which models you want?
  • What type of countertops are you planning to have? The popular choices in today’ kitchens are granite, marble, quartz and quartzite.
  • What about your backsplash? There are so many new and neat selections – make sure your backsplash and countertop coordinate well.
  • Then you may want to consider new lighting. Do you want pendants? High hats? Chandeliers? What is the style of your cabinetry so that everything works well together?
  • And lastly, you have the flooring to decide upon. Will it be ceramic or porcelain tile? Natural hardwood? Laminate? Bamboo? What will make the most sense for your lifestyle?

Most homeowners have waited until after the Pandemic has subsided somewhat to allow tradespeople back into their homes. Remember, you will probably need a cadre of workers including cabinet installer, electricians, plumbers, as well as tile people to complete your kitchen properly. Of course, if you are doing DIY project, then you can schedule everything on your own timetable.

So, when is the right time to get started? If you’re serious about a new kitchen, the time to start the process is as soon as you can. As you can see with so many moving parts coordinating everything and being sure all of your items are available on time, is of the utmost importance.

If you need some ideas for designs, as well as cabinet and countertop selection, stop by our showroom and speak with one of our experienced design specialists. US Kitchen’s showroom is at 319 Rt. 10 East in East Hanover, NJ.  If you prefer to have a virtual appointment, you can call our showroom at 973-386-5500 and set up an initial appointment to get started.