Four (4) Versatile Design Ideas to Enhance Your Kitchen & Make Life Easier

Between HGTV, Pinterest, and Instagram, the idea of designing a brand new kitchen seems like it should be a simple and fun task to accomplish. Let us say up front that if you have never done a full kitchen remodel you will be in for bit of surprise and need to be prepared for some unexpected happenings – not the least of which are a myriad of important decisions and selections that have to be made in a specific priority order. And any one of these decisions and selections can easily go awry if something you had your heart set on is either not available within your time frame or is no longer manufactured. 

Then there’s the understanding that for approximately 8-12 weeks on average you will be without your kitchen – no stove, no oven, no sink, no dishwasher. Be prepared to find some space where you can plug in your fridge, toaster, and microwave so that you can at least have some simple meals at home that can be heated up and served on paper goods for the duration of the remodel, or dishes and silverware washed in the bathroom sink.

The idea though is that having a brand new kitchen with the conveniences you want and need will make a huge difference in your home life. Below are a few design ideas that may help guide you in some of your decisions and give you the kitchen of your dreams at the end of the remodeling process. 

Some of the design concepts we suggest may add a little extra cost, but if you are planning to be in your home for at least 5 or more years and you really want the convenience these add-ons will offer, they will be well worth it in the long run. Even with some monetary constraints, there are ways to work within your budget to give you a kitchen you and your family will enjoy every day.

An Appliance Garage Eliminates Cluttered Countertops

image for omega kitchen counter garageWhat makes a kitchen look inviting and easy to work in? Countertops that are clear of a mess for one. A kitchen counter free of small appliances makes a kitchen appear larger, is more welcoming, and is certainly easier on which to prepare meals. “Mess is stress” and that’s why we suggest, when there is enough room, to add an appliance garage in which to store kitchen appliances like a toaster, coffee maker, blender, etc., out of sight. 

This is usually placed in an upper cabinet that either has a roll up door or one that opens with a hinge and offers room to easily store and access your smaller appliances. The appliance garage keeps your countertop free of a myriad of small appliances and cords from cluttering your work space. 

A Charger Docking Drawer To Store Devices

image for kitchen charging drawerOne of the biggest problems in kitchens today is the clutter caused by multiple family devices. What do you do with all of the cell phones, tablets, and small laptops that everyone in the family wants to charge while in the kitchen? The answer is simple – a docking station drawer designed specifically to allow multiple items to ‘reside’ in the drawer and charge out of sight. No clutter and no wires dangling all over the kitchen counters. It’s also a great place to store these items when not in use so you and your family always know where to find them.

Think About a Second Sink in Your Island

image for kitchen island second sinkToday’s families spend a great deal of time in their kitchens – especially since the beginning of 2020. Having an island is a real plus as it is a great multi-purpose space for schoolwork, WFH projects, food prep, and a place to enjoy light meals. If you enjoy cooking and entertaining, having a second smaller sink in your island affords you another area where you can prep food while chatting with family and guests as well as using it for a beverage bar when having a party. Just make sure you have a large enough area around the sink for a reasonable size island countertop.

An Undercounter Microwave Makes Life Easier

image for undercounter microwaveThese days many couples redoing their kitchens are empty-nesters, possibly retired, and redesigning their homes in order to remain in them through their senior years. That means finding ways to make food prepping and cooking more convenient with less stretching and bending wherever possible. For the past few years, microwaves housed under a counter rather than above a stove have become increasingly popular especially with a more mature audience. The microwave slides out like a drawer and enables the user to simply place the plate into the microwave from above and lift it out easily without having to juggle a hot cup or plate from high above their head.

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