Closed Cabinets or Open Shelves… Which Would You Choose?

Open shelving for kitchens seems to be all the rage these days! They are trending on many kitchen design websites and TV programs. However, the truth is that open shelving is not all that new. Surprisingly, it predates cabinets as we know them today. So how is the old trend new again?

Style and Customize Your Kitchen with Open Shelving

The open shelving – or floating shelves – style can create a more minimalist look, for sure. It’s also a bit more affordable and somewhat more customizable. Picture it as not only a place for your kitchen essentials, but also an opportunity for some additional decorating. Open shelving allows you to add a design and asthenic that’s unique in a sense that any décor you decide to add can change the look of your kitchen as a whole. You can even change the decorative items on the shelves according to the season. And this style enables you to show off more of a beautiful backsplash as well. In addition to the added decorative aspect, open shelves help your kitchen feel a bit more open and spacious. 

Make Sure You’re Tidy

Without the larger boxed shape of a closed cabinet, your space is cleaner – so long as you keep it that way! Everything is on display with open or floating shelves, so if you’re not a tidy person, this could be a challenge for you and your shelves could end up looking more like clutter than curated. Know your “homemaking” style before considering open shelving.

Increase Storage with Closed Cabinets…(and Be A Little “Messy” Too)

Closed cabinets, on the other hand, give you more of a traditional or transitional look where you can hide anything that may not be worthy of display. This style gives you increased storage space and hides excess clutter. Many people underestimate how much closed storage they really need – keeping in mind that bigger pots and pans, large serving platters, and smaller appliances should be kept in a closed space. 

You Can Still Customize with Closed Cabinets

Not only do closed cabinets offer you more storage and the ability to be a little disorganized at times, but you are still able to create a custom look for your kitchen. There are so many styles of cabinet faces to choose from – everything from contemporary to traditional to more formal, if that’s your taste – in many types of woods, and a wide selection of colors, as well as unique hardware made from a variety of materials. We offer cabinetry from nine different manufacturers in our showroom in East Hanover, NJ, in a vast variety of styles so your dream kitchen can become a wonderful reflection of your customized style.

One Option That Combines Both Styles

One last consideration if you’re in the early stages of remodeling your kitchen, and that incorporates the look of open shelving but has the capacity to hold more items, is to have a few glass front cabinets as part of the design. This look can give you the best of both worlds – a more open airy feel to your space – with a larger storage area to accommodate many more kitchen items than open shelves can handle.

So, Which Would You Choose?

Of course, much like anything, there are pros and cons to each style – open shelving versus closed cabinets. And remember there is no right or wrong – it’s about what you love. As a matter of fact, why not combine a few open shelves, along with some closed cabinets and even a few with glass fronts.  If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen and need to decide, keep these comparisons in mind. You decide what works best for you!
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