Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

With 2023 right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to take a look at what kitchen design trends will be popping up in the new year. If you’ve been thinking about a kitchen remodel, we’ve put together some trends to inspire your kitchen design plans in 2023.

Warmth is Back

Over the past few years, monochromatic neutral color palettes seemed to have dominated the world of interior design. You’d be hard-pressed to look in any design catalog and NOT see the All-White Kitchen. However, 2023 will see homeowners lean into more organic features and warmer tones. People are gravitating towards kitchen design trends that create a more personal, inviting and contrasting space. Think deeper stained woods, vivid colors, and stone countertops.

Larger Islands

The kitchen is the heartbeat in many homes, and homeowners will continue to embrace that in 2023. By designing large kitchen islands with greater seating capacity, and moving away from the formality of a dining room, these islands serve as a focal point where families can easily sit for meals and friends can gather to socialize. As opposed to being purely functional, design trends for kitchen islands in 2023 embrace them as a delightful meeting place.

Sustainable Materials

Just as homeowners are leaning into warmer tones and colors, they are also embracing sustainable materials for a more environmentally friendly kitchen. Whether it be wood, metal, plastic, glass, or stone, people are making it a point to look for ethically sourced and sustainably produced materials for their kitchen designs in 2023. Dream kitchens that keep mother nature happy are a trend within reach!

Old is New

Though not necessarily new for 2023, people will continue to incorporate vintage elements into modern spaces, and vice versa. As we move away from a very uniform aesthetic, we will continue to see people gravitate towards a fusion of old and new. Vintage elements like stained glass, funky hardwear, and colors you may have seen at your mom’s house are combined with warmly stained cabinetry, smart appliances, and large windows to create something truly unique.

Backsplash Refresh

People have become bored of the same white subway tile backsplash, and are instead choosing to make more of a statement. In 2023, some may choose to go with a solid slab, perhaps matching their countertops, in order to create a seamless and striking look that is also easy to clean. Others may opt for a display of patterned tile or wallpaper, transforming their backsplash into an art piece. Either way, we will be seeing many more eye-catching design choices that aim to stand out.

If you are ready to refresh your kitchen for 2023, feel free to contact us and meet with one of our experienced designers to discuss the latest trends . . . and create your dream kitchen in the new year.