2023 Kitchen Color Trends

kitchen with vintage inspired tones

After many years of the “All-White-Kitchen”, new color trends are gaining popularity in kitchen design for 2023. Let’s take a look at just some of the colors and tones you can expect to see in new kitchen designs this year. 

Dark Blues

Deep blues, whether vibrant or muted, bring an air of modernity and elegance to any space. The drama of a dark blue can stand up to any passing trend making it a great choice for a kitchen design that will remain stylish for years to come. Try a slate blue alongside dark countertops for two times the intensity, or add a muted navy alongside lighter toned woods or quartz for increased contrast. 

Muted Greens

Kitchen design trends for 2023 are leaning towards nature-inspired colors. With a deep forest green or a muted sage, designers are bringing the calm of an evergreen forest into the kitchen, creating a fresh sense of connectedness to the outdoors. With muted natural greens, you get the drama of a bolder color palette while also enjoying the soothing energy of earthy tones. 

Dynamic Neutrals

While white isn’t out entirely, 2023 kitchen design trends are moving towards warmer whites and darker neutral tones. Instead of bright, monochromatic whites, we will be seeing more ivory, gray, and warm beige. These sorts of colors still allow a kitchen to breathe with a sense of airiness, but add depth and have a more organic appeal. 

Vintage Inspired Tones

Combining vintage touches into modern spaces is a large part of kitchen design trends for 2023. Vibrant colors like cherry red, coral, and mint green, whether used as an accent wall or cabinet choice, add dimension and whimsy to any kitchen space. These colors are a great way to add a personal touch and spice up an otherwise monochromatic space. These colors also lend themselves to a sense of nostalgia, creating a comforting and welcoming environment. 

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