5 Essential Steps for Preparing Your Kitchen Before Demolition


As the day for your kitchen demolition approaches, it’s crucial to adequately prepare yourself and your home to ensure a successful and efficient remodeling process. Beyond the usual planning and packing up, there are other steps that can greatly contribute to a smoother experience. Be sure not to overlook them! In this article, we will discuss 5 essential ways to prepare yourself before the kitchen demolition, allowing you to stay organized and prepare for your renovation journey.

Capture the “Before” Moments:

Before the demolition crew arrives, take a moment to document your kitchen’s current state by capturing detailed “before” pictures. These photographs will serve as a visual record of the transformation and allow you to share the progress with friends and family who are curious about the renovation. They can also serve as a reference for future design decisions.

Create and Equip a Temporary Kitchen:

With the construction process expected to last several weeks or possibly longer, it’s vital to establish a temporary kitchen setup to minimize the inconvenience of not having a functional cooking space. Identify an area in your home where you can set up your temporary kitchen. Utilize a sturdy table and if possible have it situated near another sink in your home for easy access to water for washing dishes when needed. To make your temporary kitchen fully functional, equip it with essential small appliances and ovve your fridge in if you have the space. Consider investing in an electric skillet and a compact microwave, and use your toaster or toaster over or air fryer for cooking. This set-up will allow you to prepare simple meals during the renovation period. Allocate storage space – such as a bookshelf, or labeled bins–for pantry items and snacks.

Plan Your Meals:

Create a meal plan in advance by taking inventory of the meals you can prepare using the limited resources in your temporary kitchen. Make a comprehensive list of the necessary utensils, cookware, and ingredients required for each meal. Keep these items easily accessible, so you don’t have to dig through packed boxes when you’re trying to prepare a meal. Utilize your outdoor grill, take-out options, and occasional visits to the local eateries as well. 

Prepare for Storage:

Pack away kitchen items that won’t be needed during the renovation. During the renovation period, consider using disposable plates, cups, and utensils to minimize the need for washing dishes. This approach will also help declutter the space and create a more organized environment during construction.

Safeguard Adjacent Areas:

Since kitchen renovations often affect adjacent areas, it’s important to prepare those spaces accordingly. Move furniture out of the way to create enough clearance for the demolition and construction work. Remove non-essential wall decorations, curtains, and curtain rods from these areas to protect them from dust and potential damage.

By following these simple steps before your kitchen demolition, you will help streamline the process and minimize disruptions to your family’s daily routine. Embracing the preparation phase with confidence and knowing that you have taken proactive steps to create a conducive environment for a successful kitchen remodel will help ensure your remodel process is smooth and organized!

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