Kitchen Trends for 2022

Air Fryer

Steam Oven

Smart Refrigerator

It’s been some time since we’ve seen dramatically new trends in New/Remodeled kitchens. Yes, every year there’s a new color palate that the manufacturers and designers select. Yes, this year it’s been light green with light gray highlights…and appears to still be very in-vogue for 2022.

So what’s happening in the kitchen remodeling world that will really make a difference in your life should you decide to go this route?

Here Are Some New Innovations To Look For:

Bluetooth / WiFi Technology – What’s really having a huge impact on homeowners is the new types of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi controlled appliances that can be run from your smartphone even when you are not in the kitchen including not even being home. These are becoming more popular year after year and manufacturers are offering a large variety of new appliances that are WiFi compatible.

We will continue to see fewer knobs for turning stoves, dishwashers, washers and dryers on and off as new “screen touch” or Bluetooth controls are becoming the trend in the appliance market.

With more families becoming health-conscious The Steam Oven, which offers a healthy approach to cooking, and is great for making everything from fish and veggies to eggs, puddings, casseroles, pastas, and reheating leftovers, to name a few, is gaining popularity with many people when they remodel their kitchen.

Steam-Convection Combi Oven is an even more robust option for those people who can afford it and want to learn the newest methods of healthy, quick cooking.

Air-Fryers are still extremely popular…again based on more people wanting to cook healthy and with less oil. For those who want a varied number of cooking choices, Multi-cookers are sophisticated and space-saving appliances that offer many varieties cooking styles such as pressure cooker, air fryer, roaster, rice cooker, steamer, etc., to name just a few. These programmable “meal in a pot” Hi Tech devices allow you to put together your dinner and set the program to have everything ready at your convenience, fresh-cooked and healthy!

Let’s talk about Refrigeration. More refrigerators are utilizing glass panels for drawers and glass doors. As with stoves and dishwashers many “smart” refrigerators are WiFi or Bluetooth controlled and some will add items to your electronic shopping list on your phone or tablet when something runs out. Icemakers are becoming more versatile and have the ability to provide ice cubes in various shapes to add sophistication and fun for all types of beverages.

It’s important to be aware that as these newer more high-tech appliances become more popular, the older models become less available and older parts are harder and more expensive to locate. Keep that in mind when making your purchases to replace your kitchen appliances.

These new trends in Kitchens today will surely be the future in Kitchens in the next 3-5 years.