What’s New in Condo Kitchen Remodeling for 2022


Condo living has become extremely popular in the past few years. Many younger families and older couples downsizing from a larger home find that condo living is truly convenient and practical for so many reasons. 

Some condos offer home-style living such as a townhouse which feels like a private home inside however is usually connected to several other townhomes on either or both sides. Then there are the apartment style condos which are often in a mid-rise or high-rise building and share common areas such as hallways, recreation rooms, lobby and fitness centers.

We thought you would like to learn what’s trending in kitchen design for condo-style kitchens in 2022. Oftentimes these kitchens are a bit smaller than in a private home so utilizing as much space as possible is the secret to having a condo kitchen that you will enjoy for years to come.

When is the right time to remodel an existing condo kitchen?

If you plan to do a condo kitchen remodel in the spring or early summer, believe it or not, NOW is the time to start your project. Lead time for cabinet orders is 2-3 months or longer depending on the manufacturer you choose. So this is the time to make your decision about what type of kitchens style you would like and to sit down with a kitchen remodeler to layout your new dream kitchen.

Once you place the order for your cabinets, you have several months until they arrive, which gives you the opportunity to make your choices of flooring, lighting, countertops, appliances and color scheme for your new kitchen. 

When the spring arrives and your kitchen cabinets do as well, you have the opportunity to use a balcony, deck or patio to prepare some meals on a grill and even dine outdoors on the warmer days while work is being done inside on your new kitchen. 

What Changes Will You Want to Make?

If you have purchased an older condo you may want to consider changing the kitchen’s footprint, if you have the room or making a more open concept if the layout of your condo allows for that. Some smaller condos have a galley kitchen, which can be a very efficient style since everything is close and within reach.  Other larger type townhomes actually may have room for an island or larger countertop for dining and other activities

With a new and improved layout as well as new cabinets and appliances, new paint or wallcoverings, lighting and flooring, your kitchen will take on a totally different personality and you will find that the time you spend in the kitchen will be so much more enjoyable and fulfilling, not to mention more functional. 

Estimate Costs for Remodeling a Condo Kitchen

There are many factors that could affect the cost of a kitchen remodel. The largest part of your purchase will most likely be the cabinets you choose. U S Kitchens & Baths offers ten different manufacturers with prices to fit just about every budget. Remember in most cases there is affordable financing available. The cost of remodeling will depend on how large your kitchen is, the number of cabinets you will need, whether or not you are replacing all of your appliances, changing the footprint, the flooring and lighting, etc. On average, a kitchen remodel should cost between $20,000-$30,000, although larger kitchens may require a larger investment.

Next Steps For Your Condo Kitchen Remodel 

When you are ready to start planning your condo kitchen remodel, why not stop by our conveniently located showroom in East Hanover, NJ, with over 5,000 square feet of cabinet samples as well as door styles, countertops, hardware and more. Speak to one of our experienced kitchen designers to start the process and make some decisions about how you envision your new condo kitchen. You can set up an appointment ahead of time to be sure someone will be able to spend quality time with you. Once you have made some choices about cabinet style we will come to your home for an accurate measure up and then prepare a layout and cost estimate. We look forward to seeing you soon.